Out Bound from Nepal

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Out Bound from Nepal

Nepal in the globe has been one of the visiting destinations and the central hub of the trans-Himalayan trade route since historical time, Its populations are scattered in the High Himalayan mountain to the border of India. From history to now, it has its own prosperity as travelers, its migrants are the volume of the population and its source of the income to the nation is higher remittances most of the households have enough savings. we assume that rest of the dwellers now looking for destinations as luxury travel. we as destination managers can organize destinations tours to the countries of the world; India as our cultural similar as Hindu tourist pilgrims hub. Again like east Asian tourist hubs Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, China, Srilanka, Maldives & More Not only the Asian hub our destination can be the developing business hub Dubai is our touristic hub those years. more than Asia our tourist Hub is Europe & Asia pacific region Like Japan, Korea, European countries like all Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and so on.

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